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Stroke Analysis & Filming


Good technique and skills are fundamental to success in swimming. As coaches this is something we always tell our swimmers and are constantly watching. However there are times when just our eyes on deck are not enough, this is where we come in.


Using a combination of surface and underwater filming, we are able to bring a whole new dimension to your analysis.


We offer three packages for stroke analysis and filming.




- Underwater and overwater filming.

- Feedback and coaching on the day.



- Inclusive of The Bronze Package. 


- A copy of the video filmed for you to keep for future reference. 

- A feedback document witten by our experts for you to keep for future reference. 



- Inclusive of The Silver Package. 


- A copy of the video with performance analysis graphics to keep for future reference.

- A feedback document with additional coaching tips written by our expert coaches to keep for future reference.


Performance / Stroke Specific Camps


Located at your home pool or at an agreed venue, Swim Science can create a tailored camp delivering intensive development opportunities, focussed on agreed targets and outcomes.


These camps can include both dry and pool based sessions covering a variety of topics including but not limited to: Race Prep, Land Training, Athlete Mindset, Performance lifestyle, and being a student athlete.


Testing & Monitoring


Swimming is a data driven sport, from reaction time on the block, distance underwater, and stroke rate to growth rate and performance. This data can be used to inform training, monitor progression, and create race strategies.


Using a number of tried and tested methods, we are able to provide you with various reports to support you and your swimmers' needs.


Athlete Wellbeing


Athlete wellbeing is a all encompassing, including pre and post-pool, training load, and general health, as well as many other elements. For coaches working with athletes still in education be that school, university or any other options, understanding the specific challenges faced by such athletes is vital to their success.


Using our first hand experiences as athletes, coaches and in sports science we are able to advise and guide you in supporting your athletes wellbeing.


Race Prep / Race day


Whilst race day is very important be it counties or an Olympic Final, it is also the opportunity for swimmers to show off all their hard work and demonstrate what they can do in the pool. Preparing for the race day as a whole, as well as the actual race itself, is both physical and psychological. Using our combined experiences and knowledge, we can offer support and guidance for you and your swimmers to be primed, and ready for the “Take your marks…”  


We also offer race analysis, using a number of Key Performance Indicators or “KPI’s” to help you identify areas of strength and improvement in your races. For more details click here.




Mindset covers aspects from Team Identity / Sprit to motivation and anxiety. Mindset is not a problem that needs to be fixed, it is a tool to be utilised. Through our understanding of the requirements of athletes and coaches at all levels of competition, we have a framework of support and concepts which can be adapted to suit your needs.



For more details on our services and for pricing information please contact us using this link or at our email: enquiries@swimscience.co.uk