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Josh Surgeoner MSc BSc


Co-founder and Head of Sport Science for Swim Science. Having been an elite athlete since age 12, Josh transitioned into coaching and sports science at 18. Currently studying for a PhD in Physiology, Josh has already completed a Bachelor's degree in Sports Coaching Science with Disability Sport, and a Masters degree in Applied Sport and Exercise Science. During this time he has worked as a coach and sport scientist with many elite athletes, including Olympians, Paralympians, Paralympic and International Medalists.


This progression from athlete to coach and sports scientist has given Josh a strong understanding of the demands of being an elite athlete as well as how to best support these athletes; especially high level student athletes. As well as the practical implementation of coaching and sports science theories and how to best integrate theses into practice. The time spent in and around international sport has helped guide the development and approach that Josh takes to coaching, athlete support and athlete development.



Josh's Coaching Philosophy - My approach to coaching and support is a holistic one; in that we are not purely developing swimmers: Rather we are developing people. I believe that the skills and virtues which are beneficial for success in sport, are transferable and crucial to everyday life. It is also my firm belief that all athletes should be given the opportunity and support to reach their maximum potential, and as such I am very passionate about helping athletes do just that through my coaching, knowledge, and application of sports science.


Experience and Qualifications   


PhD Researcher in Physiology / Para-Physiology  



MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Science (Research in Physiology)



BSc in Sport Coaching Science With Disability Sport (Research in Biomechanics)



11+ years in Elite Sport as an athlete, coach, and sports scientist


City of Sheffield Swim Squad Coach



IPC Coaching Para Sport Award

Robin Surgeoner MBE BA


Co-founder and 9x Paralympic Gold medalist, Robin won his first National Title in swimming at 12, became senior National Champion at 15 and won his first international at 17. This was the start of an impeccable career in the pool, winning countless medals and setting multiple world records across 3 Paralympic Games (1984, ‘88, ‘92), and numerous World and European Championships.


This impressive resume has helped shaped the approach Robin takes to coaching and athlete development, given his first hand experience of the psychological and physiological requirements of successful athletes.



Robin’s Coaching Philosophy - Having been a successful International Competitive Swimmer for a good number of years, and continued swimming as I progressed into coaching, I decided I wanted to bring to my coaching all the things that both motivated me to train and aided my development.

I believe that every swimmer needs to be centre of their own development to maximise their potential, and the only way to do that is through creating open, honest, supportive, yet critical friend relationships with each and every swimmer.

You need to know your swimmers in order to support them to be the best that they can be; all I ask of my swimmers is their commitment.

Swimming is about processes – the better you are at the processes the faster you will swim

Power, Strength and Stamina compliment Process

Experience and qualifications



Swim England National Swim Coach



9 Times Paralympic Gold Medalist



Multiple World and European TItles and World




Consultant Empowerment and Inclusion Trainer