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Art Or Science?

From learning to swim to Olympic competition, like all sports success in swimming is determined through the execution of skills. The higher you progress in competitive swimming, the tighter the margins for success.


At Swim Science we specialise in developing these skills and bridging the margins. Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned competitor or a coach, we are here to help, using our combined 50+ years experience in elite sport, spanning careers as athletes, coaches and in sport science, and we have created a number of “Key Performance Indicators” (KPI’s) which can be used to support you in actualising your or your athletes optimum potential.


There are many variables in swimming, some of which are out of your control such as height, arm span, hand / foot size, these measurements are known as anthropometrics. However there are many other factors which you can control including: the acquisition, development and execution of skills, stroke efficiency and technique, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, and mindset, as well as many other physiological, psychological and biomechanical variables. This raises the question, “Is swimming an art or a science?”


The Answer - Both.